Feasibility Study

The success of a healthcare project is determined from the very first steps of its life, i...

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Clinical Service Planning

Building a successful hospital needs an accurate and comprehensive plan that considers all the phase...

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Budgeting and Financial consultation

Hospitals are complex financial entities which require detailed and accurate planning in order to en...

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Revision of Architectural Plans

Complying with the standards and workflow of medical services is the key to design an efficient, saf...

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Medical Equipment Placement Drawings

Each healthcare project has its own unique goals, needs and requirements, many of which are met by e...

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Medical Equipment Procurement

Medical equipment procurement is the key factor in ensuring that the healthcare facility opens as pl...

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Supervision and Installation

Because on their complicated yet dynamic nature, medical equipme...

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Once the hospital starts running, there is no break in using its equipment and facilities. This cond...

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